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The fantastic Lachlan Patterson joins us on the show this week! And next week! Its a 2-parter! Jake is still in Canada (He is having fun) so we have Robbie Kirkhuff on the board this week!

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This week we're joined by Ryan Sickler from The Crabfeast Podcast! Todd delves deep into the serious stuff! Also at the table is Robbie Kirkhuff and Nick Lepa filling in for Jake!

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Brandon Wardell finally makes it back to the show! And we have Nick Lepa on the board and Keith Blomberg back at the table!

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This week we have a family show! Chris Burden’s back on the board, Keith Blomberg and Gabe Dylan at the table and Ethan and Eric are Two Guys with Instruments!

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The incredible Sara Schaefer(Lies with Sara Schaefer) and Scott Moran (Modern Comedian) join Todd in singing the easiest sing-a-long song in the world! And because Jake Adams is away on tour, we got Chris Burden on board!

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This is a NON episode recorded from a hotel in Montreal with Chris James!

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Remember last week's episode with Anthony Jeselnik? This is the AFTER SHOW!

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We have the incredibly funny Anthony Jeselnik on the show this week!

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Its 2 episodes in 1! We start the show with the amazing Jamie Kennedy! And then we are joined by the people's champ, Tom Martin! Enjoy!

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HENRY PHILLIPS IS HEEEERE! Henry Phillips is back on the show and he's fantastic!!

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