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The incredible Sara Schaefer(Lies with Sara Schaefer) and Scott Moran (Modern Comedian) join Todd in singing the easiest sing-a-long song in the world! And because Jake Adams is away on tour, we got Chris Burden on board!

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This is a NON episode recorded from a hotel in Montreal with Chris James!

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Remember last week's episode with Anthony Jeselnik? This is the AFTER SHOW!

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We have the incredibly funny Anthony Jeselnik on the show this week!

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Its 2 episodes in 1! We start the show with the amazing Jamie Kennedy! And then we are joined by the people's champ, Tom Martin! Enjoy!

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HENRY PHILLIPS IS HEEEERE! Henry Phillips is back on the show and he's fantastic!!

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The second half of the Andy Kindler epic!

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The incredible Andy Kindler returns to the show! #freespeech

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Today the wonderful Eliza Skinner and Troy Conrad join Todd to interrupt his show for The Troy Conrad Mini Podcast!

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