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In this special holiday episode, Todd is joined by Troy Conrad and his wife Liz! Songs were sung, bits were roasted over an open fire and kazoos were played. This episode also happened to be recorded on Todd's birthday! Happy Holidays!

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Previously on The Todd Glass Show we had the first part of an epic two-parter with hilarious comic, Brandon Wardell, which then got interupted by another amazing episode with Paul F. Tompkins. And now... The 2nd half of Brandon Wardell's episode!!

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This week the hilarious Paul F. Tompkins joins Todd to talk about good and bad cops, Bill Cosby and, as always, BITS!

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This week Todd is joined by one of the best new comics in the game, Brandon Wardell! This is part 1 of an epic 2 parter!

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This weeks episode is a family show with Todd's real family! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today Todd is joined by the hilarious Patton Oswalt! Need I say more?!

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For the first time in history, Todd Glass recorded an episode and put it on the shelf! This is that episode! Todd was joined by Jake Adams, Yoav Anatian, Robbie Kirkhuff, Andrew “Sensitive” Fertado, Mark Alan Miller and myself (Aristotle)!

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This is the epic conclusion to Ian Davis and Bill Buescher’s 2 part episode!

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In this SPOOKY 2-part episode, Todd is joined by comedians Ian Davis and Bill Buescher! See you next week for part 2! Happy Halloween!

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Comedian Andy Peters joins Todd to do bits and talk about his new record Exclamation Mark, Question Point.

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