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This Todd Glass Holiday Special features hilarious comedian Caleb Synan! Happy Holidays!

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Daniel Kinno is back!! Listen for the return you've been waiting for!

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This week is shorter as Todd is away but didn't want leave you without an episode! Robbie Kirkhuff shared with us his last interview with his grandma Hope for you to now enjoy!

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Part 2 of Jeremiah Watkins' hilarious episode! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Part 1 of an epic Jeremiah Watkins episode!

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Troy Conrad is back on the show along with Robbie Kirkhuff!

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The second half of Tom Martin's spooky episode! Will Eric get the bit?? Listen to find out!

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Tom Martin is back for our spooky halloween episode!! 

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The incredible Wayne Federman is on the show to talk about his new CD, The Chronicles of Federman, which is available now!

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The incredibly funny Blake Wexler is back on the show!! Brace yourself for the laughter to come.

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This is part 2 of Andy Wood! And we're back to out regularly scheduled programming!

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This is it! We're now in the Late Night arena! Andy Wood is our first guest! This is part 1!

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Todd explains why this isn't the episode!

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A special live episode from LA Podfest 2015 with special guest Eddie Pepitone!

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Jake Weisman and Steve Feinartz join Todd this week for all the bits and jingles and...MURDER?!?

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Graham Elwood is back on the show to tell us all about LA Podfest and to do bits! And Jake Adams makes a triumphant return to the board!

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Part 2 of the Lachlan Patterson special!

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The fantastic Lachlan Patterson joins us on the show this week! And next week! Its a 2-parter! Jake is still in Canada (He is having fun) so we have Robbie Kirkhuff on the board this week!

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This week we're joined by Ryan Sickler from The Crabfeast Podcast! Todd delves deep into the serious stuff! Also at the table is Robbie Kirkhuff and Nick Lepa filling in for Jake!

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Brandon Wardell finally makes it back to the show! And we have Nick Lepa on the board and Keith Blomberg back at the table!

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This week we have a family show! Chris Burden’s back on the board, Keith Blomberg and Gabe Dylan at the table and Ethan and Eric are Two Guys with Instruments!

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The incredible Sara Schaefer(Lies with Sara Schaefer) and Scott Moran (Modern Comedian) join Todd in singing the easiest sing-a-long song in the world! And because Jake Adams is away on tour, we got Chris Burden on board!

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This is a NON episode recorded from a hotel in Montreal with Chris James!

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Remember last week's episode with Anthony Jeselnik? This is the AFTER SHOW!

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We have the incredibly funny Anthony Jeselnik on the show this week!

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Its 2 episodes in 1! We start the show with the amazing Jamie Kennedy! And then we are joined by the people's champ, Tom Martin! Enjoy!

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HENRY PHILLIPS IS HEEEERE! Henry Phillips is back on the show and he's fantastic!!

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The second half of the Andy Kindler epic!

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The incredible Andy Kindler returns to the show! #freespeech

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Today the wonderful Eliza Skinner and Troy Conrad join Todd to interrupt his show for The Troy Conrad Mini Podcast!

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Whitmer Thomas & Jeremiah Watkins join Todd for bits and songs!

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The hilarious Jen Kirkman returns to the show for all sorts of shenanigans!

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Its the 200th episode! What better way to celebrate than with our favorite guest, Tom Martin! This also happens to be one of those ULTRA RARE shelf episodes!

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Graham Elwood returns! He joins Todd to prepare for THE PILOT ON MAY 3!! They do bits and disect the dump cake video shot by shot!

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This is one of those ULTRA RARE shelf episodes! This only happens once in a blue moon! And it has Blake Wexler! What are you waiting for! LISTEN!

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This week, Danny Lobell returns!

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Part 2 of the epic Troy Conrad 2 parter!

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A bonus episode for your week! Todd sits down with Rye Silverman!

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Part 1 of 2! Troy Conrad joins Todd for all kinds of crazy DUMP goodness

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The INCREDIBLE Eddie Pepitone graces us with his presence in this hilarious episode! Daniel Kinno and Todd do a serious part up front but then silliness ensues when Eddie arrives and then there is a special surprise!

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The incredible Paul F. Tompkins returns! He and Todd have a long pre-show and talk to Harry and the juice bar genie!

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This week Todd has Tom Martin and Eddie Della Siepe on the show! All your favorite bits and some fun phone calls! Todd also pays special tribute to Harris Wittels. Goodnight Harris.

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The always fantastic James Adomian is back on the show! We talk to Tom Leykis, Merril Shindler and Eddie Pepitone!

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Rory Scovel?! Chris Farren?! In one episode?! This episode is doper than bubbles!

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This episode is live from San Francisco Sketchfest with special guest Andy Peters! Flippy Flampers! Primpy Scampers?

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Blake Wexler is the guest in this weeks episode thats all about that bass, no trouble! No trouble!

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BONUS TGS! This is a very special bonus episode with KELLY CARLIN!! Kelly and Todd talk about what it was like to grow up with her dad and her new show A Carlin Home Companion at the Falcon Theater!

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Eliza Skinner and Troy Conrad join Todd for this musical episode!

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This episode, Todd is joined by Robbie Goodwin (Lip Service) and Andy Wood (Probably Science Podcast, Bridgetown)! Todd tells us about opening for Louie and meeting Harry Styles, who we may or may not call. Listen to find out!

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WE'RE BACK! First episode of 2015 is with everyone's favorite guest, Tom Martin! 

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