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This Todd Glass Holiday Special features hilarious comedian Caleb Synan! Happy Holidays!

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Daniel Kinno is back!! Listen for the return you've been waiting for!

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This week is shorter as Todd is away but didn't want leave you without an episode! Robbie Kirkhuff shared with us his last interview with his grandma Hope for you to now enjoy!

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Part 2 of Jeremiah Watkins' hilarious episode! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Part 1 of an epic Jeremiah Watkins episode!

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Troy Conrad is back on the show along with Robbie Kirkhuff!

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The second half of Tom Martin's spooky episode! Will Eric get the bit?? Listen to find out!

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Tom Martin is back for our spooky halloween episode!! 

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The incredible Wayne Federman is on the show to talk about his new CD, The Chronicles of Federman, which is available now!

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The incredibly funny Blake Wexler is back on the show!! Brace yourself for the laughter to come.

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