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Enjoy the last family episode of 2016!


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Todd is joined by the incredible Natasha Leggero!


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We lost the guest this week so now you get a special family show! You'll have to listen for all the details!

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Eliza Skinner is back on the show and what an epic return it is! 

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Todd is joined by the great Andy Wood!

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Todd was off with family this week but don't worry because we still have an after show from last week! 

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Jay Larson joins Todd on today’s episode!

Go see Jay record his hour special November 29th at the El Rey Theater!

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Tom Martin is back on the show!

Note: This episode may be difficult to listen to, it was recorded a few hours before the results of the election came in. It is an extremely hopeful episode. We still have hope. Take care of each other.

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A serious show from a serious podcast with Todd and Eric!

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It's A No Show Show! Listen for details on the special he's taping!

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One of our all-time favorites is back, James Adomian! And maybe he brought a few friends...

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One of our favorites, Caleb Synan, is back on the show!

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He's your favorite, he's our favorite. Its Blake Wexler back on the show!

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Maybe tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow.

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Todd, Eric and Aristotle live at the LA Podcast Festival with a few special drop-ins!

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Todd is joined by a very special guest, the Liberal Redneck! We're also joined by some very familiar friends at the table!

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Its another Todd Glass after show with Eric Ohlsen and Nick Lepa!

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Graham Elwood returns to tell us about this yera's LA Podcast Festival!

Use the offer code Todd to get $5 off you ticket for the LA Podcast Festival!

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Its a no-show and a serious show wrapped in one!

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The greatest comedian alive, Andly Kindler, returns to The Todd Glass Show 

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Henry Phillips is back on the show! Be sure to check out his new special (produced by Eric Ohlsen) on Vimeo!

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Todd and Eric sit down for a serious show. Seriously!

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Part 2 of our family show with Eric Olsen, Robbie Kirkhuff, Aaron Simon and Duncan Carey! 

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Its a family show with Eric, Duncan, Aaron Simon and Robbie!

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This week Todd is joined by Jimmy Pardo (The Jimmy Pardo Podcast)!


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This week Todd is joined by the incredible John Mulaney! And then we get right into part 2 with Eric “ERK” Ohlsen!

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Paco Romane returns to The Todd Glass Show with a special performance by Lori Pasqualino!

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This episode is LIVE from The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with Chip Chantry and Chris Burden!

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Todd is joined by the incredible Caleb Synan!

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The conclusion to last week's episode with Duncan Trussell and Chris Farren! More ghosts and more songs from Chris!

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This week Duncan Trussell joins Todd on the show! And then Chris Farren joins in on Part 1 of the after show!

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This week Todd is joined by the incredible Eddie Pepitone! Robbie Kirkhuff is filling in on the board and we meet listener Aaron Simon in the after show!

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It's another NOT episode! Todd goes off about Trump and we listen to Elizabeth Warren!

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This week Todd is joined by the hilarious Paco Romane to do bits and sing!

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This week Todd is joined by Chris James from Vancouver! 

Buy Blake Wexler's new album "The Blake Album" on iTunes!

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Rory Scovel returns! And Jordan in spirit! Bits, phone calls, singing and more! What else could you want?!

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This week Todd is joined by Allen Strickland Williams and Casey Ley! You’re going to want to wake up your wife for this drive!


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This week Todd is joined by hilarious comedian Geoff Tate for a mostly serious show!

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There is no episode this week so Todd recorded a short explanation/update!

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Daniel Kinno is back on the show! He and Todd remember Garry Shandling and talk about Donald Trump. OOOOHHH I'M SO POLITICAL!! I GUESS IT'S A REAL SHOOOW!

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This week is a double-stuffed episode! We start off talking to Troy Conrad about JASH FESHT, then Troy leaves and we talk to Robbie Kirkhuff. THEN Todd, Robbie and Cody Woods do an after show! Strap in, its a long one.

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This week Todd is joined by a very special guest, Nick Thune!

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One of the all-time greats returns, Blake Wexler!! Blake is back on the show after what feels like too long and for the first time since we've moved to The Barn!

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An old favorite returns to The Todd Glass Show, Chris Farren from Fake Problems! He and Todd talk about Mr. Rogers, singing like Sinatra and sing some songs!

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This week Todd is joined by the hilarious Quincy Jones and Tom Martin!

You can still help fund Quincy's Kickstarter!

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This week Todd is joined by Danny Lobell!

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Part 2 of Jake Fogelnest's hilarious episode!

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Jake Fogelnest is back in the barn this week's double parter!

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Jen Kirkman and Jake Fogelnest are our fist guests in The Barn! We are in a new Era of The Todd Glass Show!

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This week's episode has been replaced!

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Part 2 of Jeremiah Watkins' episode! And as we mentioned last week, this is the last episode recorded at Black Horse Motors. But fear not! The next time you hear our sweet sweet voices, they will be coming from the new studion in Todd's 'Barn'. Enjoy!

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We welcome back one of our favorites, Jeremiah Watkins! Essuse me? You heard right, JEREMIAH WATKINS! We also have a sad but exciting announcement to make in this episode!  

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The second half of Ryan Stout's hilarious episode!

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This week Todd is joined by the hilarious Ryan Stout! This is part 1 of 2!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's a special non-episode from Todd to bring in the new year! 

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