The Todd Glass Show (general)

Kevin Farley stops by the shop for some sing-alongs, family storytelling and more!

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It's the bonus episode of the aftershow with Rory Scovel!

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Rory Scovel missed us so much he came back for more! We take a few phone calls, discuss free bread at The Olive Garden and Rory helps us deal with our noisy neighbors.

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Our favorite boss Chris Hardwick joined the show and we're so excited we are releasing the episode early as a bonus! We talk about podcasting, comedy and trumpet playing.

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5- Eddie Pepitone

Eddie Pepitone joins the show to tell us about his secret meditation secret and sings some karaoke!

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It's the extra long aftershow from last week! Henry and Daniel are still here and Henry sings a few songs.

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The very talented Henry Phillips joins Todd and Daniel and we get a few phones calls...

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Rory Scovel joins the show and Daniel Kinno is back for seconds on this week's episode of The Todd Glass Show!

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It's the first episode of The Todd Glass Show and friends Tom Martin and Daniel Kinno are here! Make sure to stick around for the aftershow...

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