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Graham Elwood Returns for another great show! This is part one of two!

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The always hilarious Chris Fairbanks is finally on The Todd Glass Show!

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It's a small family show today with Tom Martin! They talk about Ursula, play some music and much more!

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Henry Phillips and Troy Conrad come hang out for some fun and live music!

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It's the second half of the hilarious show with Troy Conrad (co-creator of Set List)!

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Troy Conrad (from the amazing Set List show!) hangs out with the gang at Blackhorse Motors!

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The one and only Andy Dick comes on the show!

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The Todd Glass Show welcomes back fan favorite Daniel Kinno!

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The second half to last week's episode. Listen to find out what else happened!

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James Adomian is back on the show! Tom Martin joins too for some bits, impressions and more!

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