The Todd Glass Show

It's fan favorite Blake Wexler on today's show! Lots of laughs, bits and more!

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The always hilarious Rory Scovel joins Todd and the gang for the 100th episode!

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Tom Martin can't get enough of the show! He's back, but this time with Todd. And fun ensues!

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Tom Martin takes over while Todd is out of town and Henry Phillips comes by to have some fun!

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John Roberts from Bob's Burgers stops by to chat, joke and do some voices! And then there's an after show!!

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Eddie Pepitone returns to the show for more bits! And some songs with the live in-studio band!

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Looks like Jake Fogelnest just couldn't get enough of The Todd Glass Show! He's back for more fun!

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It's just Chris and Eric, or Erc, on this week's show! Join in on the family fun!

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It's another episode with the family! And the amazing musician Sharif stopped by to hang out and play some songs!

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Last week's show continues! There's more yelling from Blake, and of course more bits!

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