The Todd Glass Show

Holy sh*t, was this episode fun! We laughed, we cried, we sang, we laughed some more. Listen and enjoy!

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One of our favorite people, Rory Scovel, is back on the show! And he definitely brings the laughs!

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It's a special bonus episode! With Todd, Daniel and special guest Dr. Kevin Sousa!

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The first episode of 2013!

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Part of 2 our holiday show!

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It's a very special Christmas episode just for YOU!

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It's another bonus episode! And this time it's with the hilarious Fred Stoller and our good friend Tom Martin! We have lots of fun cracking jokes, singing songs and talking about The Grove!

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Our friend Tom Martin can't get enough of the show! He returns for more bits, songs and craziness!

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A special bonus episode of The Todd Glass Show! Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Beerfest) are on the show and they tell us stories, sing us songs and join us in some bits!

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The wonderful Gary Gulman returns to the show! We figure out a Neil Diamond song, talk about how much fun we have and more!

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