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It's another NOT episode! Todd goes off about Trump and we listen to Elizabeth Warren!

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This week Todd is joined by the hilarious Paco Romane to do bits and sing!

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This week Todd is joined by Chris James from Vancouver! 

Buy Blake Wexler's new album "The Blake Album" on iTunes!

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Rory Scovel returns! And Jordan in spirit! Bits, phone calls, singing and more! What else could you want?!

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This week Todd is joined by Allen Strickland Williams and Casey Ley! You’re going to want to wake up your wife for this drive!


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This week Todd is joined by hilarious comedian Geoff Tate for a mostly serious show!

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There is no episode this week so Todd recorded a short explanation/update!

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Daniel Kinno is back on the show! He and Todd remember Garry Shandling and talk about Donald Trump. OOOOHHH I'M SO POLITICAL!! I GUESS IT'S A REAL SHOOOW!

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This week is a double-stuffed episode! We start off talking to Troy Conrad about JASH FESHT, then Troy leaves and we talk to Robbie Kirkhuff. THEN Todd, Robbie and Cody Woods do an after show! Strap in, its a long one.

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This week Todd is joined by a very special guest, Nick Thune!

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