The Todd Glass Show

Comedian Allen Strickland Williams joins Todd to do bits and talk about an experience they shared at a comedy show.  


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Henry Phillips joins Todd this week to sing songs, do bits, and talk about his upcoming special!

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This episode is LIVE from The LA Podfest with our special guest, James AdomianSo many bits it will make your head spin!

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This week Ed Crasnick (This Week In Comedy, The Writers Room) joins Todd to talk more about how NOT to dicipline children! Then Troy Conrad returns to get closure from hearing that "odd voice" from last week! Over and out bear smokeys! 

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Troy Conrad (Set List, Prompter) returns on this weeks episode to talk about Adrian Peterson, caring for animals, and songs about CB radios!


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We're back! We returned from our anniversary break to bring you another great episode with Kulap Vilaysack!

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The 2nd half of this epic anniversary show!

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This episode celebrates three whole years of the Todd Glass Show! This is part one of a very special 2 part anniversary show, thank you for listening!

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Ian Karmel and Rob Gleeson return for another amazing episode of The Todd Glass Show!


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Daniel Kinno returns to the show for another hilarious episode!

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