The Todd Glass Show

Henry Phillips is back on the show! Be sure to check out his new special (produced by Eric Ohlsen) on Vimeo!

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Todd and Eric sit down for a serious show. Seriously!

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Part 2 of our family show with Eric Olsen, Robbie Kirkhuff, Aaron Simon and Duncan Carey! 

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Its a family show with Eric, Duncan, Aaron Simon and Robbie!

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This week Todd is joined by Jimmy Pardo (The Jimmy Pardo Podcast)!


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This week Todd is joined by the incredible John Mulaney! And then we get right into part 2 with Eric “ERK” Ohlsen!

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Paco Romane returns to The Todd Glass Show with a special performance by Lori Pasqualino!

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This episode is LIVE from The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with Chip Chantry and Chris Burden!

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Todd is joined by the incredible Caleb Synan!

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The conclusion to last week's episode with Duncan Trussell and Chris Farren! More ghosts and more songs from Chris!

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